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makabagong talumpati

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Computer Keyboards

Fentek Industries, Inc. is your single source for custom, standard, programmable, wireless, and ergonomic computer keyboard products, computer keys, specialized keys and keysets, custom printed keytops, keycaps, keyboard templates, keytop and keyfront overlay labels, membrane graphics, large print and assistive keyboards, language keytop overlays and International language keyboards, computer keyboard accessories, computer keyboard protectors, and custom computer keyboard modifications.


Custom Products-Built to Suit:
Ergonomic Products:
computer keys Customized Keyboard Keys
Custom Colored, Molded, & Custom Printed
ergonomic keyboard Ergonomic Keyboards
keyboard labels Keytop and Keyfront Labels ergonomic mouse Ergonomic Computer Mice
custom keyboards Custom Built to order Keyboards footrest Adjustable Footrest and Arm Support
keyboard templates Custom Keyboard Templates keyboard tray Adjustable Keyboard Trays and Drawers
makabagomakabagong talumpatimakabagong talumpati



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makabagong talumpatimakabagomakabagong talumpati

Specialty Keyboards:
Large Print/Assistive Products:
wireless keyboards and mice Wireless Keyboards & Mice   large print keyboard LARGE PRINT KEYTOP LABELS & KEYBOARDSmakabagong talumpatimakabago


makabagong talumpatimakabagomakabagong talumpatimakabago makabago

programmable keyboards Programmable Products
Keyboards, Keypads, Footswitch, Mice
big key keyboards
language keyboards Language Keyboards and
Keytop Labels
makabagomakabagong talumpatimakabagong talumpati makabagong talumpatimakabago


makabago makabagong talumpatimakabagong talumpatimakabagong talumpatimakabago no hands mouse
Hands Free Mousing
Dvorak keyboards Dvorak Keyboards and
Keytop Labels
computer key guard Keyboard Keyguard
for Users with Limited Motor Skills
mini keyboards Mini Sized Keyboards
Keyboarding Enhancement Products:
trackball keyboards makabagong talumpatimakabago

makabagong talumpati

makabagomakabagong talumpatimakabagong talumpatimakabago makabagong talumpatimakabago

Trackball / Touchpad Keyboards
keyboard templates Word Processing & MS Office
Keyboard Templates
bluetooth keyboards Bluetooth Keyboards keyboard protectors Membrane Shield Keyboard Protectors
left handed keyboards Left Handed Modular Keyboards keyboard accessories Other Keyboard Enhancement Products
Key Locks, Replacement Keys, Labels, etc.
point of sale keyboards Point of Sale
Keyboards, Keys, Templates, and Overlays
keyboard adapters Dual Keyboard and Mouse Adapters
illuminated keyboards Illuminated / Backlit Keyboards DigiMemo tablets DigiMemo Digital Writing Pad
blank key keyboards Blank Key Keyboard & Labels
(for typing training)
panic key Panic Buttons and Novelty Keys
Mac keyboards Mac Keyboards and Mouse Products
computer keypads Keypads
water resistant keyboards Water Resistant Industrial & Medical Keyboards
fentek site map  Site Map

iPad and iPhone Keyboards and Accessories - We now carry an assortment of Keyboards for your iPad and iPhone.
Digital Performance Eyewear by "GUNNAR" - Office, online, or head to head, the most demanding activities in your Digital Life require i-AMP technology.
The RollerMouse "Free2" - Innovative new Ergonomic Mouse design. Allows you to keep your fingers on the keyboard.
Wireless Mouse Products - We carry a Great selection of Wireless Mouse products. Cut the cord, Go Wireless!
Scanner Keyboard -  A Built-in Scanner provides high quality color scanning at your desktop without taking up more space. Fast USB2 connection and hub.
Assistive Keyboard and Mouse Products - A variety of keyboard and mouse products that provide visual and physical support for ease of computer usage. Ideal for the visually impaired or those with limited motor skills.
Flexible Foldable Spillproof Computer Keyboards in Mini Size or Full Size - Water resistant, flexible, dust and contaminant proof. This keyboard can be used in industrial environments, hospitals, libraries, marine and boating applications, or anywhere where dust and liquids are present. The mini size is perfect for school and travel, fitting easily in a briefcase, backpack, or notebook carrying case.
Full-Featured ENCRYPTED Wireless Keyboards - A variety of wireless keyboards that let you access your computer from a distance of up to 100  feet.  Radio Frequency models can be used from any directional angle.  No need to point at the computer. 
Illuminated Keyboards -

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Illuminated keys on a
Super Slim Mini or Full Size Keyboard allow you to use your keyboard in the dark.
DigiMemo Digital Writing Pad- Digitally capture and store everything you write on ordinary paper.

Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboards - Minimize the chance of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or the pain and strain of Repetitive Stress Injuries with the keyboard prescribed by physicians and therapists worldwide. SALE PRICING! Free U.S. Shipping!
makabagong talumpatimakabagomakabago
makabagong talumpatimakabago

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makabagomakabagong talumpati

 3M Rennaissance Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
  - Winner of PC Magazines' Technical Innovations Award.  Proven to alleviate mouse induced repetitive stress injury.  SPECIAL- $35.95 OFF LIST!
International Language Keyboards - Up to $30 OFF LIST makabagong talumpatimakabagomakabagong talumpatimakabagomakabago

makabagong talumpatimakabagomakabago makabago   All available at special discounts. 

No Hands Mouse - The NoHands Mouse is the most effective foot-controlled mouse ever developed. This Mouse eliminates mouse induced stress on the delicate hand-wrist area by moving mouse control to the feet.

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Programmable Keyboardmakabagomakabago


makabagong talumpati
makabagomakabagong talumpatimakabagong talumpati

- We are pleased to offer a selection of the most popular programmable keyboards at Special Savings. For persons who want to simplify and save time, or for Point of Sale applications, programmable keys allow you to launch your favorite programs with one key press.


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Mini Keyboard
- Conforming to the trend of miniaturization, these full function keyboards have full size keys, but models are available that are as small as 11.6 inches by 4.3 inches in size for significant desktop space savings and briefcase portability.
ballKeyboard Trays and Drawers

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- Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Trays by 3M not only save desk space but provide optimum wrist positioning to reduce the chance of carpal tunnel injury.

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For further information or to place an order please call us at 800-639-0710, 928-639-0161, or complete the order form or information request form by clicking below.

Order Form information request warranty

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"If you are going to achieve excellence in big things,
you develop the habit in little matters.
Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude."
-Colin Powell

1997-2011 Fentek Industries, Inc .

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Quality Computer Input Solutions!
  Serving our Customers for 17 Years

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