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Hi, my name is Pam AKA "Nunnie".  I'm 57.   I live with my husband, Rick. 52.   We moved from Oregon to Montana about 11 years ago.  We absolutely LOVE it here.  This was the best thing we ever did.

Since moving to Montana we have purchased several horses.   We are now breeding and raising registered Paint Horses.   You can check it out if you would like.   The herd name is "Regal Paints".

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I suffer from a very, very rare incurable illness.   It is called: Adiposis Dolorosa AKA Dercum's Disease.   As I said, this illness is very, very rare and is often times either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.  If you happen to suffer from extremely painful tumors/lumps all over your body then you may just have this horrible illness.   I have made a page about my illness and I go into much more detail there.   If you think that you may have this illness or know someone that might have it, you might drop by my "Dercum's" page and read more about it.

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For about 10 years now I have been earning money by doing things on the internet.  There are numerous opportunities out there where for a little bit of time a day you can earn money too.  Right now I am earning about $150.00 extra a month without spending a whole lot of time each day.  If someone has a lot of time to spend on line, the earnings could be endless.  There are honest fast paying programs out there and there are also scam programs out there.  I have put together a page/pages of the programs I have been working for years and have been getting paid promptly by.  If you are interested in making some extra money, check out my "Paid Me" site.  I only list programs that I have been paid by or my friends have been paid by consistently.  Some I make a couple dollars a month and others I am making $50-60.00 a month.  If you are new to doing this type of thing and have any questions... please feel free to E:Mail me from the "Paid Me" page.  I'll be more than happy to help you out in any way I can.  After all... we all can use a little extra money, can't we?

Wishing You The Best!

Rick and Pam AKA Nunnie

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Page Last Updated - May 6, 2010.

Please check out the link below. You may have seen one of the missing children.

The Polly Klaas Foundation

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If only one child is returned home it would be a blessing!

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